Meet the faces behind OzComCoin

Jono Wood

Founder & CEO OzComCoin

Jono was a product manager for an Australian wholesale company that specialised in the Consumer Electronics trade for 12 years. During that time he worked with the wholesalers and along side the retailers. From there Jono ran his own business. He started in the Crypto space back in 2015, Jono has been both an ambassador and worked with Hydrogen Protocol, PheonixDao and Wirex.

Jono is the founder of OzComCoin and looks forward to bringing his vision into the cryptospace

Based in NSW 

Stellio Koutsis

Co-Director / Graphic & Web Designer for OzComCoin

Stellio has been designing professionally for over 10 years and has his own  Graphic Design business. His love for designing and crypto have seemelssly joined forces and helped design and develop the entire OzComCoin brand and web development.

Based in QLD

Melissa Trapani

Social Media


Based in NSW 

Kyle Istvanditsch

Strategic Advisor for OzComCoin

Kyle is the C.O.O of a business that does an avergage of 6 million a year for last 3 years. His rapport with customers has allowed him to work strictly with a niche market. Marketing and sales are his strong point his weakness is his daughters smile! He run’s a team of 30+ people and plans on taking OzComCoin to the next level

Based in USA

Clare Bratina

Social Media Management for OzComCoin


Based in QLD

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