Introducing OZCOMCOIN

The Token Built For The Community

OzComCoin (OCC) is a token created on the Tron (TRX) Blockchain, use our service to tip content creators and social media experts. 

Phase 2 ICO ending in










OzComCoin (OCC) is a service for the social media future that is built on top of the Tron blockchain. We believe with our product, sending your favourite content creators a tip to be rewarded is something the middleman should not be profitting off. 

We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated.  

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Holders of OCC

$5,054,500 AUD

Market Cap

*These stats are currently being updated manually. Last update: 1/7/2021



Q2 2021

OCC AirDrop Completed ✅

Complete AirDrops. Apply For Exchange listings. Continue sponsorships for content creators and streamers. Continue to grow our team. Complete the full version of Whitepaper. Commence token sales.

Q4 2021

Prototype DApp Wallet

Use funds to market OCC. Build prototype DApp and wallet. Start testing on testnet.

Q1 2022

Beta DApp Wallet

Beta release of wallet and integrated DApp. Complete OCC sales.

Q2 2022

Full Release DApp Software

Full release on iOS/Android and PC version of DApp & wallet

Our Experts

Meet the team behind OzComCoin 

Jono Wood

Founder and CEO

Stellio Koutsis

Co-Director / Graphic & Web Dev

Clare Bratina

Social Media Expert

Kyle Istvanditsch

Strategic Advisor

Melissa Trapani

Social Media Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What wallet should I use?

OzComCoin highly recommends Trust Wallet – The most trusted & secure crypto wallet

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How do I manually add OCC to Trust Wallet?

Due to the sheer number of TRC10 tokens out there, in some rare scenarios, the token may not appear on the wallet.

Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the OzComCoin token directly to your wallet.

Step 1. Access Search Token Screen

Tap on the toggle sign on the upper right corner of the Wallet Screen. Search for the token, and if the token is not available, you will get a “No Asset Found” screen with the Add Custom Token button.
For Android devices, you can scroll down to the bottom of the list of available tokens and you will see there + Add Custom Token.

Step 2. Fill out Token Details

Using the information provided below, carefully fill up the required Token details. Tap on Done once you are done.


Network: TRON

Type: TRC10

Token ID: 1003764

Symbol: OCC

Decimals: 6


Step 4. Token Successfully Added

In the main wallet screen, the token will now appear. Since this is still a new token, the logo as well as the price will not be available. The token has to be trading first and listed on CoinMarketCap before the price can be properly displayed on the App.


When will OCC be listed on an Exchange?

We are currently in the process of being listed on a few exchanges. We will be updating when we have more info about this.

I haven't received my AirDrop, what should I do?

Please send an email to with your TRX address and we can help workout what has happened to your AirDrop Tokens.

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